UOP Capital’s
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The range of curated, tailored trading
accounts that are reserved for serious, elite investors.

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Margin Loan

Training Sessions with Analyst

Risk Management (Stop Loss)

Monthly Dividends (after 3 month requirement)

Credit (Interest-free)

Commission on Profits

Managed Sessions

Independent Contracts

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Limited Monthly Volume













1 per month





2 per month

1 every 2 months






2 per month





4 per month


1 per month






4 per month





8 per month


1 per month






8 per month





12 per month


1 per week


Disclaimer: Withdrawing any amount from your UOP Premium Account within the first 90 days can cause your membership to be cancelled. As a UOP Capital Premium Account Holder (PAH), it’s a requirement that you do not withdraw funds within the first 3 months (90 days). The key reason is to reach the first quarter of your trading journey, which will allow you to remain at the given level.

Important Notice: Clients that are involved in investments that exceed Net Deposits of €1,000,000 (or the equivalent in USD or GBP) or more in value are subject to be offered the exclusivity to join the UOP Capital Premium Account Holder status. Exclusive privileges apply only to PAH members.

UOP Premium
Account Privileges

Still not sure why you want to trade the world’s financial markets with UOP? Here are some of the benefits you as an investor under our wing can receive:

  • UOP Capital Segregated Funds

    At UOP, we hold our traders’ security above all else. Our traders’ funds are held in the Company’s fiduciary segregated client bank accounts. Without doubt, the Company ensures these funds are separated from our everyday operational bank accounts.

    Please note that we maintain all of our clients’ funds in reputable, tier-one EU-based banks and financial institutions. Your security of funds is paramount to all of us here at UOP Capital.

  • Supervision

    To ensure consumer protection and traders’ safety, investment firms like ours are met with strict financial standards that they have to adhere to. Here at UOP, we abide by all these regulatory circulars and instructions, including Capital Adequacy Requirements and Anti Money Laundering standards. To withstand potential market fluctuations and unforeseen expenses, we always sustain additional liquid capital to cover all our clients’ deposits. This level of security is maintained by performing a detailed annual audit, which is carried out by an independent auditor.

  • Personal Trade Expert

    To ensure that our traders are getting the full maximised trading experience, we support them with a personal trade expert who is an experienced senior market analyst. Your UOP personal trade expert is your guide who will go over all of your trades (upon your request), and analyse your trading decisions. It’s their duty to provide you with feedback that will empower you, giving you the impetus to optimise your trading results. Whenever you request a session with your UOP personal trading expert, you receive a full 30-minute session.

  • Bonus Funds

    When you receive a UOP trading account, you have the chance to receive bonus funds. These “bonus funds” are viewed as a pending bonus. For you to be able to access your bonus funds, you need to have executed a trade volume that is 30 times the value of the bonus, as its value appears within the UOP Capital Client Area. If you are not sure how to calculate the volume, feel free to reach out to our customer care team, as they are more than happy to assist you.

    Please note that for you to be able to benefit from the bonus funds, you must reach the desired volume during a period of 90 days, which commences on the day you were granted the bonus. You are free to withdraw the free balance in your account whenever you feel the need to. Terms and conditions apply.

  • Volume Cashback

    To be able to receive the volume cashback, you need to trade in volumes that are higher than your Premium Account requirements (please see the table above to view the desired criteria). The volume for cashback is based on your CFD positions as well as other trades. For our cashback plan, special terms apply, so please go ahead and read our Bonus Terms and Conditions.

    During the last 7 trading days of the month, it’s imperative that your account balance doesn’t fall below the minimum required amount. If it does, you will lose your eligibility to benefit from this specific bonus. Your minimum balance varies depending on the plan you are on. Feel free to speak with your UOP Account Manager about the different plans we have.

    Please hold back from making any withdrawals from your funds after you’ve received your cashback, for the first 30 days. If you do withdraw funds before the end of the first month, the cashback will be reversed. The amount that you try to withdraw from your cashback before the end of your first month will be removed from your overall balance.

    When our Dealing Desk calculates your cashback volume, their only reference will be the Volume Calculation Rules. We do not include or calculate any volume related to other promotions or bonuses. Please note that with the volume cashback promotion, if you open both a Buy position and a Sell position on the same asset class or instrument that has the same expiration time, we’d still consider these as separate trades.

  • Trading Bonus

    With our UOP Premium Trading account, you have the chance to benefit from a trading bonus added to your total balance. The trading bonus we give is redeemable only if you trade a volume of 30 times the value of the bonus that you’ve received. To make sure the calculation of the UOP trading bonuses is fair and accurate, we use a symmetrical method of calculation in which the profits, losses and investment amounts for each position in any trading account is done per the proportional value of the bonuses.

    If you have doubts about your information on how to calculate the volume of a trade or how our bonuses are actually executed, please go ahead and ask our customer care team to simplify and explain it to you.

    For the avoidance of doubt, please make sure you are familiar with the terms mentioned below and their meanings.

  • Total Balance of the Account

    The total balance of the account is the balance that actually displays the amount of funds in your balance that you can use to open trades.

  • Account Total Bonus Balance

    The account total bonus balance is the portion of the balance of your UOP trading account that cannot be made available for withdrawal until you reach the minimum trading volume. The total of this amount is calculated by including the active bonuses, their proportional value of trading profits and losses, as well as the open positions.

    In the case where you have more than one bonus active simultaneously, each bonus will be given attention as an individual and separate bonus so we can apply the symmetrical method accurately.

    In the case where a bonus has been active and you requested a withdrawal where the needed bonus volume hasn’t been achieved, the position will remain open. When the bonus expires, the final amount will exclude the bonus funds as well as any related profits/losses that relate to the said position.

    Please note that the trading bonus funds cannot be used to open trades in stocks until the trading volume requirement has been reached.

FAQ About the UOP Premium Accounts

Gaining access to the UOP Premium Accounts level is based on your personal goals and abilities. You will need to start with the required net investment for the specific account type you are interested in. As you continue to invest in the markets, your net investments will continue to grow and you will be invited to join the UOP Premium Accounts level, thus ensuring you receive additional benefits, which can be viewed by looking at the various premium account types.